About us

Our Mission

Build men of character through competitive lacrosse with a focus on team above individual on and off the field.

Become the top lacrosse club out of Utah for the 2021 graduating class!

Through team success create individual recruitment opportunities for each RMR player.

team photo

Coach Walton on the Rocky Mountain Rippers

If we can create an environment that challenges the players, but supports them through their mistakes not only from a coaches’ standpoint but a peers’ standpoint, then you get the buy-in. We have two rules every practice: you need to have fun, and you need to learn something.

- Coach Walton.

We don’t play selfish, college coaches are looking for these standout players, but we’re looking to pass first and score second.

- Coach Walton

The standouts are only standouts because of their teammates. The players need to know that the strength of the team is much bigger than the strength of the individual.

- Coach Walton

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